The struggles of a catholic progressive

…under the circumstances of his pick for VP.  One supposes that he believes that his choice of a female for VP, any female, will appeal to those who were disappointed that Hillary Clinton was not victorious.

What John McCain does not understand is that very few women supported Hillary just because she is female.  They supported her because of who she is, what she cares about and her experience level.  So his pick is not a attractive to voters who intelligently parse the issues – male or female.  The issues that Hillary cared about are represented strongly by Barack, and it is likely that Hillary will play an important role in the administration.

The choice tells us alot about John McCain, however, and it would not surprise me if the Republicans at the convention next week at least attempt to choose someone else as their presidential candidate.  I really hope they do.  Finally, the choice of this woman disrespects all the other qualified women who were available.


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