The struggles of a catholic progressive

Interesting local news item from Saturday, 09.06.08 – McCain/Palin landed in Colorado Springs Saturday morning and met briefly with 7,000 supports in a hanger near the airport.  We know it was 7,000, because there were only 7,000 tickets.  After the event, the campaign was reporting that 13,000 were in attendance.  We know people who worked the event, setting up and taking down and selling bumper stickers and such, and know how many people were there.  But that’s not the interesting part necessarily.

Attorney Dan Caplis, a local radio personality on KHOW in Denver, who introduced McCain/Palin, warmed up the crowd with a tale of a Republican-sympathizing janitor at Invesco Field on the last night of the DNC who “rescued” many thousands of hand-sized American flags from the ground and the trash after the event.  The story was a big hit with the partisan crowd at the hanger.  We found out later from the DNC that the flags were in fact stolen from the DNC by Republicans, and they did not know where they had gone until they surfaced down here in Colorado Springs, being passed out to the Republican crowd.

As we know, those who lie about the small things are going to lie about the big things also – and the entire campaign is based on lies and hypocracy, as shown by the fact that McCain/Palin are now claiming to be the ticket of “change,” despite the fact that Karl Rove is running the campaign and the policies remain identical to the Bush administration, which has left our economy teetering on the brink of disaster, and our country mired in two wars, without improvement in security since before 9/11.


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