The struggles of a catholic progressive

The nun who prays and washes the leper with her wrinkled, arthritic hands.  The pious Sicilian peasant woman for whom it is second nature to invoke the Virgin when her little bambino skins his knee.  The simple Joe who goes to Mass every day he can, spits and swears, but would give a stranger his kidney if he thought it would help give another Joe a break in this crazy world.  There’s room under the Big Tent of Devoutness for these sorts of people and a lot more like them.

But is devoutness an infinitely big tent?  Is everybody (or at least every Catholic) devout?  It would appear so, judging from MSM and blogosphere usage of the term.  So, for instance, it turns out Michael Moore is a [1] “devout Catholic” despite the fact that he holds some rather important aspects of the Church’s teaching in contempt and tells absurd lies in order to score political points.

[2] King: What about how he’s handled the Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright thing?

Moore: Jeez, you know, I mean I go to Mass still.  I’m a practicing Catholic.  I’ve been that way all my life.  But if I had — if I had gotten up every time I heard a priest from the pulpit in my travels around the country say things like I’ve heard them say, that birth control is a sin, that women should not be priests, that women should have a different role in church …

King: You’d be walking out all the time?

Moore: I would have been walking out so much — that would have been so much aerobic activity for me… I wouldn’t look like this.    READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE


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