The struggles of a catholic progressive

Jesus spoke of his disciples being salt and leaven to the world. There can be no question that he never intended his followers to separate themselves from “the world.” He meant his followers to impact the world by involving themselves with those in need; those who are treated with prejudice in our society, those who are excluded, those who are denied employment, education, health care, housing. Those who considered themselves “holier-than-thou” in his society he described as serpents, whited sepulchers, and sons of satan. Meanwhile, he made friends and disciples of the prostitute, the thief, the tax collector, the beggar, the lame, the halt and the blind. He drank with drunkards and ate with sinners. He would no doubt be ministering to the prisoners who have been imprisoned for victim-less crimes or for their political views, the outcasts, the street people, the poor, the uninsured, the gay, the single mothers, the orphans, the abortionists, the unwanted born. He would not be hanging out with the Bishops who are “too holy” to be seen with other than the rich and privileged in our society. In fact, he said they have already received their reward on earth, and would receive none in Heaven. Now turn in your hymnals to number 149 and join in singing, “Everybody talking ’bout Heaven ain’t going there.”


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