The struggles of a catholic progressive

We have seen the facts, figures and charts over the last 4 yrs. indicating profit by corporations at record levels and the rich owning more and more of the riches. We have also seen the figures on the fact that wages have remained stagnant or worse over the last 20 yrs. or so, while CEO pay has ballooned 100 times over the same period. Why is it, then, that the GOP leadership finds it onerous that those who have gained the most should pay more, or at least something, toward the support of the government? I honestly don’t understand why the GOP leadership continues to protect the interests of the top 1% or 2% when they themselves are not, for the most part, a part of that interest group. While most of Congress is made up of millionaires, few of them are what would be considered “rich” by today’s standards. What is it that motivates them to turn against their own peer group and protect the interests of the super-rich and corporate above their own? I don’t get it.


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