The struggles of a catholic progressive

Perhaps the most frightening aspect regarding the control of weapons of mass destruction amongst our citizenry at present is that the same group that insists on no control or regulation of weapons seems to be the same group which have an irrational hatred toward the President of the United States. In fact, this group has been irrational about a lot of things, including their support for the Tea Party intimidated House of Representatives which has been totally neglectful in their responsibility to govern. It seems that there is a faction of the population, which, although perhaps small in percentage, is extremely loud and threatening in influence. Goaded on by the Limbaugh types, which are plentiful throughout the nation on local AM radio, they seem to be living in their own reality, where taking up arms against the duly elected officials of this nation if they don’t like the result of elections is a real possibility. In support of such positions, they argue as reasonable that the founding fathers intended that the citizenry be armed and ready to overthrow the legally constituted government of the United States of America, and use as support such an outlandish interpretation of the second amendment that it is beyond belief. Contrary to the fable of the NRA, the second amendment clearly states that the purpose of having weapons in the hands of the citizenry was to have a militia capable of defending the nation against very real enemies of the time, including the British, who still had a strong presence in the New World, and there were no guarantees that the British would remain defeated and allow the fledgling nation to continue without hostile action against it. The fact is that it remains a treasonable offense to advocate the overthrow of the government of the United States by force and violence, and the penalty is still death. These people who trumpet their super-patriotism are in fact in violation of the laws of the nation they swear to uphold. There is no question that the idea of a group of people whose irrational hatred and anger is so strong against the President, who think nothing of speaking of his death, who have no regard for the truth when speaking of him, who insist on brandishing weaponry as they please, and who speak of overthrowing the government without apology, are, in fact, a threat to domestic tranquility and to the rights of all of us to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and, as such, should be facing federal sedition charges instead of holding the nation hostage.


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