The struggles of a catholic progressive

About the author

Unless otherwise noted, all content was produced by “Catholic Progressive,” an alias for an anonymous blogger. I have always wished to approach my politics from the point of view of a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospels of the New Testament. Along with Jesus teachings, included in the New Testament are the teachings of St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Luke and others. Of somewhat equal stature there are preserved for us teachings from what we call the “Church Fathers,” particularly from the late first, second and third centuries, pre-Constantine. During this time, throughout the Roman Empire, followers of Jesus were persecuted. The charge? Primarily, blasphemy, both toward the Jewish God, and the Roman Emperor, who claimed to be God. This is the period of time when we can see what the Church is supposed to look like. 20th century denominations around the world, whether Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, have no real claim to a continuity from the early church. I attend the Roman Catholic Church for a number of reasons. First among those is the fact that my wife of more than 30 years attended 12 years of catholic school and was raised in the Catholic Church and the Baltimore Catechism, and her comfort level with attending a catholic church is much higher than any other. That is important. I also attend the Roman Catholic Church because I was raised in a combination of evangelical/fundamentalist denominations which did not place an emphasis on the Celebration of the Eucharistic Meal and the Communion of the Saints. This celebration with my community, both alive and dead, around the world, is the high point of the Grace of God shed abroad in the world to all. It is my understanding that  the act of Jesus Christ, in taking my place and yours before the judgement of God, has already been completed, and we are indeed living in a time of Grace while the Holy Spirit ministers throughout the world to each individual to spread the Good News that God is Love, that Jesus is God, and that all the things Jesus is, God is. This is how we know what God is like – that he came in human form, and dwelt among us. It is not by my efforts that I reach some worldly concept of Goodness – no, but we do know that we shall be like Christ. We can only imagine what that means. Given this introduction, it is my intention to attempt to address my world through that filter.


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